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How to Charm Your Teacher / Professor

October 22, 2010

There’s always something special about the teacher’s pet. Every class has that favorite student that seems to take the teacher’s eye. It’s the student that never gets in trouble even when they do everything wrong. While it feels great to be this student, what about the other children who desperately want to catch their attention too?

These teacher’s pets are usually a very short list of students that get the reputation of being untouchable. For whatever reason, a teacher has certain students that they seem to click with more than others. While this is not fair to some students, how does one gain that coveted position of being the favorite? The first thing that a person needs to do to get in anyone’s good graces is to simply always have something nice to say.

Teachers are human beings and they like to get compliments and to be told they look nice. Comment on a cologne or perfume or talk about a stunning pair of shoes. Teachers love those who tend to butt kiss a bit. It does not hurt to tell them how wonderful they are on occasion. Remember, their job is stressful with students and demands from the school. If a teacher has a student who is pleasant and constantly complimenting them, they will love it! There are so many students who are nasty and who do nothing but cause trouble, so why wouldn’t they like a student who was over zealous about how they dress and their overall being?

Another way to get to a teacher’s heart is through gifts. Christmas time and their birthday and any other special occasion are a good time to show some respect. While an apple for the teacher is a nice thought, teachers today want gifts with a little more monetary value. One does not have to break the bank, but a nice gift basket or gourmet chocolates can go a long way to getting someone to the top of the class.

Because a teacher has a life outside of the school, the more a person can find out, the closer they can get. The teacher may have children, spouse, parents living and other interests. By tapping into a teacher’s outside world it bring the student and teacher relationship to a whole new level. When trying to find out more information, it must be done slowly and not perceived to be intrusive. Most teachers are more than happy to talk about their families and their days in school. Ask great questions that spark a conversation that can bring the teacher on a more intimate level with the student. Some teachers once they know they can talk openly with a student will not want to quit talking.

A great way to grab the teacher’s attention is to be the one to get good grades and always diligent with studies. No teacher like the class clown that is always interrupting, or the person who is always late or doesn’t show up at all. Teacher’s like students that do not add to their stress levels at all. Being a teacher is a rough job, the students who make it easier will reap the rewards of favoritism. Professors and teachers are looking for that one student they can always count on with listening and being helpful, it is the student that they will find a soft spot in their heart for.

While it may seem that some teachers are harder to get closer to than others, still they all have that soft spot. The chore with a difficult teacher is to find where their weakness is and play off of that. It’s not hard to get close to a professor or teacher, but it will take a bit of work and a whole lot of schmoozing.


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