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Fake Doctors Note-Making The Doctors Excuse Look Authentic

June 19, 2012

If you understand all the features and nuances of fake a doctor’s excuse, then you will be able to easily pull it off without the fear of getting caught. It is undeniable that more and more people today are using fake doctor’s notes to get out of work or school. Since this trend continues to increase, the kinds of doctor’s excuses that people come up with are vast. Here are a few things to take into consideration, which will calm your mind and allow you to use fake doctor’s notes with ease.

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The Right Way To Use A Doctors Excuse

While many people are eager to call in sick to work occasionally, sometimes that fear of getting caught is overwhelming. If you call in sick, you might end up spending the day in a state of anxiety over what to expect when you go back to work. Will your boss believe you? Will there be any repercussions if you are placed under suspicion? There is no reason to overburden yourself with these, since you will not get into trouble if you take easy precautions and use the following guidelines.

You can’t get caught using doctor’s notes. You need to hand them in and be cool… like a boss.

The point of a doctor’s excuse is to take either an entire day or several days off work. This means that the excuse you use has to be serious enough to warrant at least an entire day off from work. This is where you use your best judgment. If you say you have a common ailment, such as a headache or stomachache, this is easily believable, but it means you should only plan to take off one day of work. You shouldn’t say you sprained your ankle unless you plan on limping around work for a while.

Remember that you will have to produce a doctor’s note upon your return. Doctor’s notes have to be believable, and consistent with your appearance and attitude. It would not be wise to fake a surgery, and be at work the next day with your fake doctor’s note. Basically, you should not underplay or over-emphasize the condition you are using to get out of work. When you call your boss, you should take care to modify your voice so that you do not sound well, which will help to eliminate the possibility of suspicion.

Think Of It As A Mental Health Day

Obtaining a fake doctors note is so common in the workplace, and since it is widely used you do not have to worry about getting caught. It is just a simple, easy and convenient way for you to get the rest that you need. Everyone needs to take a mental health day every once in a while. A fake doctor’s note is used because most employees can’t simply say that they need a day off to rest, or they do not feel like coming in to work. A valid medical excuse is needed to explain why an employee was not at work that day.

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It is understandable why employees might view this as an unfair practice. The need for a mental health day should be just as valid as a sick day. Unfortunately it is not. So, for the time being, do not hesitate to use the services of a company offering a fake doctors excuse to get the short break from work that you deserve.


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