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Getting a Fake Excuse from a Doctor

June 19, 2012

Sickness often comes at the most inconvenient of times. When we have a big project coming up at work, are not on the best of terms with our bosses, or don’t have any sick days left. However, just because the timing isn’t the best doesn’t mean that you still don’t need to take the time off from work that you need to get better. A doctor’s note / fake excuse form would help, but you aren’t always sick enough where you know you need to go to the doctor. You could just have a head cold and know that you would get better if you had a day or two to relax at home. If you are stuck in this predicament, you can bring in a fake doctor’s note when you return to work to avoid getting in trouble with your boss.

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The way you get your fake doctor’s note can depend on whether your boss believes it is real or note. The worst way to go about getting a fake doctor’s note is by making one yourself at home. Whether these are handwritten or typed, making your own fake doctor’s note is always a bad idea. These look very unprofessional and nothing like a real excuse form from a doctor. By using this type of fake doctor’s note, you are guaranteeing that you will get in trouble at work and have to deal with unnecessary stress.

Don’t use free fake doctor’s notes. Do not make your own. You must buy one for best results. Its a cheap and easy investment.

You can also land yourself in trouble at work by using a free template found online to help you with your fake doctor’s note. While some people think these fake doctor’s notes will absolutely work because they found them on the Internet, in reality these notes are just as bad as the fake doctor’s notes people make at home. They do not look authentic and are often missing the details that make a doctor’s note look real, such as a logo at the top of the page.

Although these two forms of fake doctor’s notes will not work, don’t lose hope! You can still find a fake doctor’s note that looks professional and will work for you. The most reliable fake doctor’s notes are those that you purchase online. There are a lot of websites that you can buy fake doctor’s notes off of that will sell you them for a very reasonable price. While some people don’t want to spend money on their fake doctor’s notes, remember, you get what you pay for. Since these are an actual product, instead of something just thrown on the Internet, they are quality-made and will absolutely be able to convince your boss that you were at the doctor’s during your day off.

Even if it is not the most convenient of times for you to be sick, you can still take the time off you need from work to get better. Purchase your fake doctor’s note online today to get the day off from work without having to worry about your boss when you return!


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