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Get out of work with a Dr. Note

October 3, 2012

I do not like my job so when I got the chance to go on an interview with another company there was no way I was going to turn it down. The only problem was that it was in the middle of the afternoon and I was going to have to take a day off of work. The only way that I could get out of work without a problem was a dr note. I was not sick so I check out and found just the right excuse note.

It was easy to get this dr note. I was able to pay the small fee and download the template. The template was a real note from a real doctor. I filled in my information including my name and date and was able to print out the excuse note. Unlike the free doctor’s note templates this note was from a real doctor that listed a real medical condition. I looked so real that I thought that I really did go to the doctor to get a  note.

 One great site that we really like is called The Doctor’s Note. Check it out for all your excuse needs.
I was then able to call off of work saying that I had strep throat and that I was going to see a doctor for treatment. My supervisor asked me right away for an excuse note and I told him that would not be a problem. I went on my interview without getting in trouble at my current job. It is a good thing too. As it turns out I was not offered the position I interviewed for.


It is a good thing that I had a note to give my supervisor when I went back to work. To make my story more believable I also called off of work the next day to prove that I was sick. I was able to add this date to the note template. When I did go to work my supervisor studies the note and checked the dates and the diagnosis. After reading this information he seemed satisfied and was going to file my note. Even though I do not really like my job I am lucky enough to be employed. I am going to use another fake doctor’s note the next time I have to take off to go on an interview just in case things do not work out.


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